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Comparing extraction methods
The traditional (old) and the modern way

The traditional method, one of great inventions, used through the centuries by humans.  Nowadays this method does not always apply to modern oil technology due to reasons such as quality, hygiene and safety, but is kept alive by the smaller producers to give the home-made feeling.


This extraction method separates the olive paste obtained by crushing into its 3 components: oil, vegetable water and pomace.Centrifugation has been developed and perfected during the past years and it is replacing traditional pressing equipment.

Olive leaves give an unpleasant bitter taste to olive oil.


Pressing method
Both operations are rarely performed as generally only the larger twigs are eliminated and olives are washed only when fallen to the ground.

Centrifugal method
Removing leafs and washing are strictly necessary as stones and soil may damage the machinery.
Removal is done by aspiration while olives are dropped into the washing unit.

In order to avoid oxidation, olive paste should not be exposed to the air.

Pressing method
The grinding mill is made of a large granite stone where two granite wheels slowly rotate and crush the whole olives to a paste.But it is exposed to air.

Centrifugal method
Modern grinding equipment is made of stainless metal and guarantees a higher level of hygiene. The high speed rotation crushes olives instantly and produces a homogeneous paste.
This modern grinding technique avoids an exposure to oxygen and guarantees a more efficient process.

Maximum levels of hygiene of equipment and tools are suitable for any food preparation process.

Pressing method
Malaxation partially tales place during the crushing phase due to the continuous rotation of the grinding wheels. The paste is then funneled in to a basin where it is constantly worked and stirred.
The discs are stacked one on top of the other to form a tower. Every three nylon discs, a metallic disc is inserted for an even distribution of pressure and keeps dirt out.

Centrifugal method
Instant grinding of olives with modern methods easily originates emulsions and requires more accurate malaxation process.
The paste goes to cylindrical containers where a helicoidal rotating metal ribbon stirs the olive paste.

Centrifugation allows an efficient separation of oil and water!

Pressing method
At this stage the discs tower is put under a hydraulic press where the elevated pressure “squeezes out” all the liquid components, water and oil, from the paste.

Centrifugal method
The modern extraction process is based on powerful horizontal centrifugal extractors or decanters.
The high centrifugal accelerations separate the olive paste into its three main components according to their specific weight : water, oil and pomace.

Presence of water in the oil accelerates fermentative processes!

Pressing method
Before the time of centrifugal devices, oil was separated from water through natural decanting.
This was a slow process and offered no guarantees of complete separation of the two components.
Nowadays centrifugal extractors allows a quick and efficient separation of water and oil.

Centrifugal method
Oil leaving the decanter is channeled into a centrifugal extractor where all remaining water is retrieved in order to obtain a product with minimal humidity and therefore increased stability.
The water extracted is channeled to a different extractor where remaining particles of oil are retrieved so to ensure top most efficiency to the whole process and the least waste.

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Not all the products offered as olive oil is "real" olive oils. Be sure that you are consuming olive oil.

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